Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Build a bear cheer-leading outfit review.

Hi guys its me again for all the comments you have left me! Some people cant wait till my next post so here it is a build a bear clothing review hope you like it.

The cheerleader outfit is white and red with a little build a bear head in the corner of the word cheer. I got the build a bear outfit at a charity shop. My mum didn't have enough money so she had to look around in her purse for extra change it was funny, we were in the charity shop for ages. On the skirt its nice and ruffled like some real cheer-leading outfits the top is mostly white with a bit of red but the skirt has mostly red on it so that's OK. When I got the outfit it came with a old bear but my brother has it now. He wanted it more than I did so I gave it to him so he wouldn't get angry at me. 

That's it for now but ill be back soon with some more post till then byeeeeee!!!!!